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Instructional Practices Guide

Guide to Evidence-Based Instructional Practices in Undergraduate Mathematics

During the development of the most recent CUPM Curriculum Guide, the MAA determined that a companion guide on instructional practices was in order. The MAA has formed a project team for this task composed of

In the fall of 2015, a national workshop funded by NSF grant DUE-1541508 was held at University of Colorado, Denver to assess the feasibility of such a guide and how to move forward. Shortly after the workshop, the MAA received an NSF Eager grant DUE-1544324 to help further the work on the project. 

By the spring of 2016, an advisory board was put into place, a steering committee who would act as lead writers, as well as a diverse set of over 30 other contributing writers ranging from classroom practitioners to those involved in the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) and members of the Research in Undergraduate Mathematics Education (RUME) community. Three core practices were identified for effective teaching; Course Design Practices, Classroom Practices, and Assessment Practices. While other practices were discussed, it was decided to focus on these core practices for the initial phase of the guide.

By the fall of 2016, a 120-page rough draft was ready for feedback from the community. At JMM 2017, three focus groups were held providing feedback on the written work. The focus groups consisted of over 40 participants from a diverse background and range of institutions. Feedback was also provided by the advisory board. 

During the 2017 JMM, over 20 members from the project team, steering team, and writing teams met to refine the guide, look for missing topics, correct overlap, and consider next steps. A similar meeting will be held in February 2017 at the RUME conference. Each of the three practice areas have established timelines for their teams to insure meeting the May 1, 2017 deadline for a completed rough draft.

Anyone interested in being involved with reviewing the project can contact any member of the project team.

Steering Committee (Lead Writers)

  • Ben Braun, Univeristy of Kentucky
  • Beth Burroughs, Montana State University
  • Rick Cleary, Babson College
  • James Epperson, University of Texas, Arlington
  • Karen Keene, North Carolina State University
  • Gavin LaRose, University of Michigan
  • Julie Phelps, Valencia College
  • April Strom, Scottsdale Community College

Advisory Board

  • Matt Ando, University of Illinois
  • David Bressoud, Macalester College
  • Marilyn Carlson, Arizona State University
  • Annalisa Crannell, Franklin and Marshall College
  • Tara Holm, Cornell University
  • Dave Kung, St. Mary's College of Maryland
  • Rachel Levy, Harvey Mudd College
  • Francis Su, Harvey Mudd College
  • Uri Treisman, University of Texas, Austin
  • Talitha Washington, Howard University
  • Paul Zorn, St. Olaf College

Contributing Writers

Scott Adamson Angie Hodge Behnaz Rouhani
Aditya Adiredja Brian Katz Jack Rotman
Kathy Amy Elizabeth Kelly Ayse Sahin
Spencer Bagley Klay Kruzcek Milos Savic
Joe Champion Brigitte Lahme Mary Shepherd
Rick Cleary Yvonne Lai Robert Talbert
Beth Cory Guadalupe Lozano Diana Thomas
Jessica Deshler Bill Martin Chrissi Von Renesse
Jackie Dewar John Meier Laura Watkins
Jess Ellis Victor Piercy Phil Yates
Patti Frazer Lock Mike Pinter Claire Wladis
  Chris Rasmussen Michelle Zandieh

Support for this MAA program is provided by the National Science Foundation (grant DUE-1544324).